These pages give some idea of the tools I have used while organizing this keynote. I have also included references to the readings by using my account and tagging them merlot2007onlap.


Pre-conversations and brainstorming

  • invitation to participate/collaborate: e-mail to different interest lists
  • a great amount of Skype one to one/ many to many
  • gmail chat and email one to one
  • e-mail to target groups
  • (hmmm...a reflection on the process - should have been using a collaborative tool like Google docs instead of e-mails
  • phone conference call with organizing committee on Wednesday July 25th (Bee, Andrew Pincon, Executive Director, Digital Workforce Education Society,Jonathon Richter, Center for Electronic Studying, University of Oregon; Lou Zweier, Academic Technology Administrator, California State University; Laura Franklin, Professor of French, Northern Virginia Community College; David Landry, Telecommunications Technician, Sheraton New Orleans; Jeanna Baldwin, Associate Director of Convention Services, Debbie Smith, MERLOT Conference Manager and responsible for the logistics and budget of MIC07.
  • Merlot Learning Objects
  • Gliffy
  • wikispaces
  • Flickr CC
  • Flickr
  • CCRemix
  • Meetings in Second Life
  • Forums at Webcast Academy
  • Slides uploaded to Zoho Show
  • ppt file sent to Alado admin through YouSendit


I have downloaded some papers, did some Googling, followed the blogosphere on the subject and got some of the content from newsletters , like Stephen Downes Old Daily and George Siemens E-learn Space. There were also suggestions coming from the different communities - not necessarily related to the event - but ongoing discussions on open content. Here is what I bookmarked on using the merlot2007onlap tag