My own photos of Nola - some of them will get into the keynote. I used the Flickr slidr code to embed here.
Some browsers do not open it, so you may want to try the slideshow on Flickr.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

Some photos that I found on Flickr CC that inspired me when I was brainstorming for the keynote. You just need to use keywords and the tool will bring together all the photos that have been tagged with this word.
I may use some of these. - diversity - Lego (**ntr23**) - girl and piano (**woodleywonderworks**) - pulling strings (cathzilla) - hagia sophia (**shapeshift**) - light of hagia sofia (shapeshift) - pianimation (zen) - silo (
**saipal**) running man (anacarmen) - connect (
bennylin0724) - power of participation (ross mayfield) - oldest clock (ross mayfield) - /hearts on fire (~C4Chaos) /serendipity bookstore (dweekly) /running with the seagulls (eschipul) afraid (dogseat)