Andy Pincon (USA)
providing network support and platform
Jeff Lebow (USA)
(connecting/streaming/voice networking in different communities)
Worldbridges is a community of communities that use 'homegrown webcasting' and other new media technologies to to help people connect, learn, & collaborate. For the most complete listings of upcoming webcasts, check out the schedules at: , , & .
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(New Media Consortium)
Alan Levine (USA)
Nick Noakes (Hong Kong)
creative educational events in SL


T.A.L.O and FLNW

Teach and Learn Online and Future of Learning in a Networked World(educators, software developers, k12, university, vocational training)TALO members explore the Future of Learning in a Networked World via e-learning, flexible delivery, online education, networked learning and web 2.0 in the respective geographical and virtual locations.The FLNW events engage TALO members in proactive e-learning hands-on events in a cross-cultural context with host nations, networks, groups and individuals== == == == ==
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Alexander Hayes - Australia
(mobile, remote communities)
What are the key words that define your experience networking with remote communities? How does it help you understand the Future of Learning in a Network World?

Leigh Blackall - New Zealand
Otago University
(Wikieducator, Creative Commons)

Do the wikieducator and creative commons help build an architecture of participation and open up learning? Why is this important for the Future in a Network World?

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network of convergence and support
Vance Stevens (UAE) - herding cats
Michael Coghlan (Australia) TAFE
Are you using the Internet as a book?


=== === Interest Section's Electronic Village Online Worldwideprofessional development delivered free on the Web by a team of volunteers.Elizabeth Hanson-Smith (USA) and Dafne Gonzalez (Venezuela)For this year's Call for Proposals, see the AnnouncementFor more detailed information about EVO, see What is EVO? and How EVO Differs(especially for its focus on the social aspects of online teaching)For a brief background of the EVO project and examples from earlier sessions, see Bauer-Ramazani & Hanson-Smith (2004)
Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal) (BaW)
Carla Arena (Brazil) and Patricia Glogowski (Canada)
From BaW newbies to EVO workshop moderators
Aiden Yeh (Taiwan)

Blogs, Podcasts and Intercultural Projects

Using Google Docs in Adult Basic Writing Class

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Teresa Almeida d'Eca (Portugal) Arena (Brazil) Dieu (Brazil)Bee-blogging from the Tropics

Dekita Exchange

Dekita Orchard

International Collaborative Projects
Dafne Gonzalez (Venezuela)

English for Architecture:
having real audiences, diverse input opportunities, and authentic communication. That's what BaW and Webheads have brought to my classes.
Carla Arena (Brazil)
From Becoming a Webhead to Moderating an Online Session (EVO)

Patricia Glogowski (Canada)
Knowledge Co-construction in a Participative Environment: Reflections on Moderating/Participating in an Online EVO 2007 Session