I cannot say enough about how Bee rocked the keynote. Everyone in the sessions after came up and said how awesome it was!! Many very stimulating conversations ensued. Thank you, dear Bee, and please thank your students for sharing you with us. It was everything I imagined it would be and much more. Happy B-day, hope you are celebrating it now!!


Laura (born on 8/23, I'm on the cusp of Leo/Virgo)

I flew to Nola on the day of my birthday, August 3rd . Most friends from the different communities online sent me emails either directly or through the group lists .Some Skyped me. Students and ex-students contacted me through Orkut or Facebook.

Happy Birthday to a fellow Leo!

Dear Bee, Sto Lat from me, a flu stricken Anna in winter Sydney. Sorry for being late, please accept the biggest hug!
All the best with the Merlot presentation!

Happy Birthday!
May you spend many more with your friends from MERLOT and a glass of MERLOT!
From all your MERLOT Friends

Happy Belated Birthday to one of my favorite Webheads....Bee. You are a
true inspiration to the rest of us.

Zdrowia (health), szczescia (happiness) i pomyslnosci (and good fortune)
to Bee in the language of her ancestors :)
Sto lat! (<May you live> A hundred years!)
from a Pole, Renata Chylinski

Happy Birthday Birthday Beeeee... your the greatest ...Love from Leeeee

Dear Bee,
This was technologically challenging, didn't know where to upload Birthday
cake to wiki., or the balloons....The cake was a Red devils chocolate cake,
my specialty, I am sure you can taste it right this moment and it is
melting in your mouth ( 0 calories)
Best wishes from Cairo, the city of a thousand minaretes. Hope you will
visit one day.
Cheers, Randa

Dear Bee,
I'm sure your birthday will be jazzed up in New Orleans! Have a wonderful
time and we'll be there with you. Hope you have great fun on your day. I'll
be eating some brigadeiros and beijinhos for you, for I'm also celebrating
my son's birthday today! These leos are really special people that inspire

A very, very happy birthday from a sunny north Germany.
Dennis of Os

Bee- From me, too....the same. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.
John Hibbs

Dear Bee,
I know I´m a bit late, but I´d like to wish you all the best.Happy birthday and a wonderful time in New Orleans.I met a teacher from there in Cairo and she is just great with music in class.I´ll try hard to be with you on August 10th.

First HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BEEEE etc etc !! ^*_*^
Vance Stevens

Dear Bee,
Happiest of Birthdays!
I love the Russian custom of singing "Mnogaya Leta" and hope you
enjoy the attached. It should really be sung three times, but the
snippet I've attached is only one time--and the sound quality is so-
so. The thought accompanying this "Many Years" is, however, complete
and from the heart!
Na Mnogaya Leta!
Dennis in Phoenix

Hi Bee
Happy Birthday!
Muitos parabéns e muitas felicidades!

Dear Bee,
Happy Birthday to you! I am sure your presentation will be another success!
Your wiki looks wonderful! 13:00 GMT is a little too early for me in my time zone, but I will see if I can join you later.
Have a great time in New Orleans!

Thank you so much for the kind words and wishes, Illya.
Will be thinking of you all in the plane as I fly to the Northern hemisphere

Dear Bee
A little bird sent a message to my computer, telling me it's your birthday!
Reason enough to tell you that I find you sooo inspiring, a thought that
comes to me every time our paths cross in cyber space.
Thank you so much for being who you are :-)
Happy Birthday!!!

oi Barbara!
meus grandes parabéns pelo aniversário!
tudo de bom. carpe diem! :)
andré avorio

Ia colocar na lista mas resolvi te poupar dessa.
Deus te abençoe e que vc continue fazendo o que vc faz pela educação.
Fred e Cris


Hi Bee,Here's hoping you have a fabulous birthday tomorrow and that your upcoming presentation is fabulous!love,Graham